The Conejo Schools Foundation supports excellence in teaching and learning in our local public schools.  One of their initiatives is the Cash4Conejo Classrooms. The Conejo Schools Foundation is proud to support teachers going above and beyond in their TK-12 classrooms, through Cash4Conejo Classrooms.  Cash4Conejo is an individual classroom grants program.  Each $250 grant is used to directly affect and enrich students' educational experiences.  Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms: Making a difference, one classroom at a time. Listing of ALL recipients from 2011-2016

Teachers can apply for this annual grant by visiting

Elementary School

Kathi Byington; Aspen: Field trip to the SB Sea Center to connect in-class learning with real world

Karen Van Voy; Aspen: Expanding Expressions Tool Kit in order to support expressive language growth within the Specialized Academic Programs that are located on the Aspen campus. 

Michelle Eby; Banyan: Mystery Science supplies

Brynn Hutchisonn; Banyan: Journaling to building fluency, strengthening self-expression & creativity, while secretly reinforcing grammar and mechanics

Rebecca Herbert; Banyan: Memory Book materials

Susan Forte; Banyan: Memory Book materials

Lori Marzalek; Banyan: New incubators for hopefully increased success in hatching

Terri Johanson; Banyan: Clay projects

Kim Tetzlaff; Banyan: 13 Colonies play costumes

Jennifer Fry; EARThS: Musical instruments to the classroom's collection, allowing more variety and access to the students. I am especially excited this year to include them in our First Grade Science Unit: Sound and Light. We will be making instruments to explore scientific concepts as well as sing, dance, and write songs to help learn about reading, math, science, and social studies.

Laura Pewe; EARThS: Building materials to use in MakerSpace to \ connect our science units (with MakerSpace.

Tammy Edwards; Maple: New headphones  for students

Kerri Yim &  Cheryl Babcock; Maple: Stage Coach Inn Museum field trip

Elizabeth Carr & Lisa Anthony; Sycamore: Materials for hands-on STEM projects that connect art, science and real world problems/situations.

Sonia Corlew; Sycamore Canyon: Book Tasting events/materials. Love of literature and book club/socratic seminars

Kate Taillon; Sycamore Canyon: NGSS STEM Center activities for K - Ramps and Balls Exploration Set and Design & Build materials for Engineering Centers

Kira Krukowski; Westlake: Books for Magic Minutes program

Erin Anderson; Westlake Hills: Books for guided reading groups to increase variety, choice, and exposure and create a love of reading, students gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. 

Angie Ley; Wildwood: NGSS hands-on Force and Motion Activity Tubs

Julia Yesionek; Wildwood: Ecosystem materials for NGSS

Alyssa Peters; Wildwood: Brainpop Junior program


Middle School

Diana Maiorca, Analise Griffith; Los Cerritos: NGSS New microscopes

Amanda Haver; Sequoia: STEAM Solar Cars, Make It Bounce, engaging, creative activities around STEAM

Karen Abbitt; Sequoia: Tetrahedron kite Project

Malena Murray; Sycamore Canyon: Breakout EDU games transfer the ownership of learning from the instructor to the student, making it easy to observe how learners approach problem solving and apply their knowledge


High School

Christy Herrera; Century HS: Yoga equipment

Roland Macasieb; CVHS: Badminton set including a portable net

Kyle Scalise; CVHS: Green-screen room for filming class projects for their 21st C Marketing class. Soundproofing material so they can create their “shark tank-esque” programming

Doris Macdonald; TOHS: Rotational Inertia Demonstrators for AP Physics classes