UACT endorsements for the 2018 Conejo Valley Unified School District School Board election. Get involved and help make this a reality. Use the menu to indicate how you would like to help!

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Get Involved – Make a Difference – Create Change

Signs:  We are looking for folks who live either across from, or on, a street leading to a school or fall sports venue to post signs in the yard.  Contact the UACT office to get yours. We will also have signs to put in your car while in the school parking lot or when you are out and about at the store, mall, soccer games or around town.

Host or Attend a Meet & Greet with our endorsed candidates:  Call the UACT office to schedule.

Walking Precincts – We encourage our members to walk with the Conejo Together group or walk with individual candidates.  We will be posting information with dates.

 Connect with 10!  Make a list of 10 folks you know who live within the voting boundaries.  Email them and ask them to vote for Jenny Fitzgerald, Bill Gorback, and Cindy Goldberg.



CTA Campaign 2018

For detailed information regarding the CTA Campaign 22018, and brief bios, click the button. Thank you for your support!


What new and exciting things would you like to see happen within CVUSD ?? What is your vision of The Conejo Way?  Let UACT be the voice for our members!


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Contract Download

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CVUSD Board Meetings now available on YouTube.  "Be in the Know"


Supports/defends members' rights • Strives to improve working conditions • Monitors/enforces the contract • Represents members in mtgs that could lead to disciplinary actions • Maintains our association's bulletin board on campus • Presents views of colleagues to UACT's leadership • Serves as a site organizer by communicating information in person or electronically.

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UACT needs your help!  We are looking for pictures of teachers doing great things with their classes,  student projects, and candid shots of our members to feature on our website.  Please send photos and brief description to Karla Stevenson.